Ever since last Tuesday’s post, I’ve been on the hunt for more info about shipping container homes, aka “cargotecture”. I stumbled across an article featuring 15 Amazing Shipping Container Homes, and was floored by the Coromandel Beach House by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects. Funny thing is, upon reading up on the home, I’m pretty sure it’s not actually made from a shipping container.

Project info on the Crosson website describes the house as having been “conceived as a container sitting lightly on the land”, but goes on to describe the “unadorned, natural timber”. At the very least, I think we can still file this one under “cargotecture”. It’s a fine example, at that. I love the simplicity. It does, in fact, look just like someone dropped ca giant container from an airplane and it lighted on the land.

Coromandal 1

It can be completely boxed off when not in use.

coromandel 3

Or, opened on both sides to take equal advantage of New Zealand’s verdant hillside and expansive sea views.

coromandel 4

Indoor/outdoor living at its best.

coromandel 7

I’m such a fan of these collapsable doors that let in loads of light even if the weather’s chilled.

coromandel 2

Golden wood finishes complement the cool surroundings.

coromandel 8

Despite the airy design, there are hidden nooks…

coromandel 9

…and an interesting use of slatted glass, which appears to be on the interior, though I’m not quite certain.

coromandel 10

The bathroom is so simple, yet completely stunning with that backdrop.

coromandel 11

A view so inviting that you just might want to roll your bathtub out to soak it in.

coromandel 5

This may not be cargotecture in its truest form, or perhaps this is the true form from which cargotecture should takes its cues. Either way, I’m inspired!


One thought on “Cargotecture

  1. Love it but… I’ve been watching all the Tiny House Shows on HGTV and FYI. One of my major concerns about all options that do not have foundations is how safe in storms or high winds, much less tornado’s. I say this as I am watching news reports of trailer parks across SE leveled, and home in Washington state exploded…expected cause propane…common fuel source in tiny homes.


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