Hint of Spring

The weather has been typical Seattle since our return – chilly, rainy, and grey with the occasional sun break. However, there are hints of spring popping up all around us. Bulbs are sending up bright green shoots across our flower beds like little periscopes surveying seasonal conditions. The hydrangeas are tipped with green buds, slowly unfurling into variegated leaves. And, I noticed this morning that our neighbor’s cherry blossom looks as though it’s draped in a sheer layer of white lace, a delicate filigree that will soon burst into a dramatic ruffle of blossoms.

I’m not ready to pull out the full springtime regalia just yet; there’s still plenty of hibernating to be done. Much like nature, however, I too could use a hint of bluer skies and warmer weather to come. A spring lipstick seems like the perfect intimation of changes on the horizon – not to mention, a tiny touch of cheer on a gloomy day. These are at the top of my list…

Dior Addict

Dior Addict Lip Glow is a universal balm designed to react to individual skin tones and deliver a natural flush of pink. It’s subtle but radiant color. Plus, it is enriched with Wild Mango and Luffa Cylindrica to protect and moisturize throughout the day.

Nars - Vida Loca

Nars Lip Gloss in Vida Loca delivers luminous shine without making a strong color statement. This muted coral is a perfect way to wear a little sparkle without diving into full spring mode.

Lancome - Parisian Pop

Those who are ready to add a touch more brightness should consider Lancome’s ‘Parisian Pop – Lip Lover’ Dewy Color Lip Perfecter, a sheer but playful pink that also moisturizes and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Chanel - Article

Even bolder still is Chanel’s Rouge Coco Stylo in Article, a warm coral certain to brighten the darkest lingering days of winter. Formulated with Apple Seed Extract and hydrating Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil, Chanel promises “the intensity of a lipstick, the shine of a lipgloss and the comfort of a lip balm — all in one creamy yet lightweight formula.”

Chantecaille - wildpoppy

I’m personally partial to Chantecaille’s Lip Chic in Wild Poppy, a lively red. Their light formulas, which are designed to be shiny but not sticky, offer sheer yet vibrant coverage. This family company also espouses values I can get behind – all products are free of synthetic colors and fragrances, do not contain any sulfate detergents, phthalates, nor petrochemicals, and are not animal tested.


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