Wanderlust Wednesday: Maldives

OK, let me just prepare you for thinking that I’m a total brat. I know that we’ve just spent two months in Spain, and came home to a weekend away, but I am dying to be whisked off to a remote island where there is little more than soft white sand, crystal clear turquoise water, and warm sunshine…oh, and rum. When headed to one of these sorts of spots, one mustn’t ever forget the rum!

If travel time and effort…and money…were no object, I’d want to be whisked right here…


…right now! Can’t you just feel the stress melting away? After two months of jetting around with cats in tow, switching our trip up on the fly, while also balancing work with sightseeing, I want nothing more right now than, well, nothing! To think about nothing, to worry about nothing, to do absolutely nothing…and The Maldives seems like the perfect place for exactly that.

Maldives-location          maldive-map

An archipelago in the Indian Ocean, The Maldives are made up of 1,192 coral islands grouped into 26 coral atolls. There are 200 inhabited islands, plus 80 islands with tourist resorts. Getting there from the U.S. takes some time – about 26 hours from Seattle to Male via Dubai, or 28 hours via Hong Kong. Then, of course, there’s the extra time of getting to your particular island destination. Once there, however, you are rewarded with isolation in relative proportion to the trouble you took getting there, world class snorkeling and diving, and did I mention the rum? Actually, alcohol is technically only available to visitors because the The Maldives are an Islamic nation. More for meeee!!!


Accommodations range from dive resorts to holiday resorts to luxury resorts, for a range of budgets. Many offer overwater bungalows, but if I’m traveling over a day to get there, I would prefer a bungalow with a private beach, thank you. Most resorts own their own island, but it seems that more guesthouses have opened in recent years broadening options for travelers seeking non-resort experiences.

Suffice it to say, The Maldives seems like absolute “do nothing” paradise…and I’m ready to go!


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