Would you do it again?

One of the most common things that people ask us about our Spain adventure is whether or not we would do it again. This question actually takes two forms. 1. Would we go back to Spain? If so, to which place that we visited would we most like to return? And, 2. Would we do another remote work trip? If so, where?

1. We would absolutely go back to Spain. Though, it would be very hard to decide where. I loved Barcelona. To me, it was the perfect mix of modern city life with an aura of history and tradition. It’s also a very manageable size – larger than Seattle, but not nearly as unwieldy as NYC. I think RF preferred Seville. There were just so many historic sites that he enjoyed visiting there. It does feel more like “old Spain”.

That said, we could spend another two months in Spain visiting all of the places we didn’t make it to: Madrid, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Cadiz, Mallorca, and many more…plus, all of the places we wanted to travel to from Spain, like Portugal and Morocco. So, if we do manage to return, I’m not confident we’ll make it back to the places we already love.

2. Yes, absolutely! We’re already discussing another remote work trip. Where to is certainly the hardest question to answer.

Taking our pets with us limits the list of possible destinations a certain extent. I would love to have a base from which we could explore Asia, but our world traveling kitties would have to stay home for that one. There are plenty of other European cities I would consider – Brussels, Vienna, Prague, Dubrovnik. I can also envision a few weeks here/few weeks there roving journey through France where we would at least be passably fluent in the language. South America is another option – Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay are of particularly interest.

We’ve also discussed staying longer than 2 months. You can stay many places up to 90 days as a tourist, but what if we want to stay longer? I’ve been reading up on working vacation visas that would allow us to stay up to a year. I’m certain there are other options too, so I have some research to do. We would consider a year, especially in a place like Australia that’s so far away and where there are many areas to explore.

Admittedly, it’s not just super easy to pack up your life, leave your house/friends/family behind, and run away for months at a time. The rewards, however, are easily worth the effort it takes. In chatting with a coworker about our trip today, I revisited some of the holiday festivities we enjoyed this year – festivals, parades, fireworks, processions, and so much more. All of these moments far outweighed any challenge we faced in getting there. We have the most amazing memories. So, yes. As long as we’re able to make it work, we’ll definitely do it again.


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