Home again, home again…

Well, we wrapped up our two-month Spain adventure on Friday and successfully made our way back to Seattle. It was a long day and we’re both still adjusting to being home. Jet lag is a nasty beast.

I have to give major credit to our cats for being unwitting participants in our crazy experiment. They were excellent world travelers…considering. But, with each road trip and new apartment/hotel, it was obvious that their patience was wearing thinner. By the time we got on the plane, they were pretty well done. Turbulence did not help. We got quite a few looks from fellow travelers when poor Silas started yowling during a particularly bumpy landing. Several admitted that they didn’t realize we had pets. Makes me laugh every time I think about them thinking that one of us was making that crazy noise! Ha.

Being home is definitely bittersweet. I will miss so many things about Spain – the food, the weather, the history, the culture. It was so delightful to not have to think about what I was eating and whether or not I was going to end up “gluten-poisoned”, even though I’m even more confident than ever that my food sensitivities have nothing to do with gluten. Of course, I still needed to back away from the pastries! It is definitely possible to have too much of a good thing – my thighs can confirm this.

I don’t think I mentioned it while we were there, but it rained all of two days during our stay. We met that quota in our first two days home! Thankfully, the sun came out today to remind me that Seattle has its beautiful days too. Southern Spain just has many more. They will be missed.

While I adore the West Coast of the U.S., our cities are among the youngest in the country. We have our history, sure, but there certainly aren’t castles in every town! Our architecture lacks that centuries old mix of styles and details. I have yet to come across a group of old stone windmills in Washington. And, not once in Seattle have I ever been surprised by hundreds of people in costume marching through town, led by a drum corps and brass band, to deliver a large religious icon to the cathedral. There is a lot of talk about religion here in the U.S., but a small fraction of these charming traditions.

Of course, Spain lacks our bed. It’s so nice to be sleeping in it again. I also appreciate Charmin. European toilet paper is the pits. And a legit washer/dryer. Those combo units do not work well at all…especially when you think you’re using a washer/dryer combo then find out it’s only a washer…at midnight, the night before you’re leaving for Seville, and you have to hang your clothes on the line by the light of your cell phone then pray that they’ll be moderately dry by morning. (They weren’t.)

It’s also great to see our friends, of course. RF and I have always travelled well together, and, speaking for myself anyway, I never tired of working and hanging out with him in Spain; alas, it is also nice to spend time with the other people we love and catch up on what they’ve been doing these past two months. With more time, though, perhaps we could have lured them to see us. Next time.

Speaking of, many people have asked if there will be a next time. Yes, I think so. I hope so. I’m not sure where or when, but what better way to take in the world than by moving in for awhile. Vacations are great, and we managed our fair share of touristing on this trip, but living day-to-day life just brings a completely different perspective on other locales. I would leave again next month if we could. For now, there really is no place like home!


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