The Chinese Store

Remember that time when we were in Barcelona looking for a lint roller and our apartment staff directed us to the Chinese store? We were seriously taken aback by this suggestion. What did he just say?! Alas, we really didn’t know the system. It turns out that Chinese stores are quite common all over Spain. There are several here in Javea; so, when we didn’t have a lot of time to wander off on Monday before getting to work, we decided to check out the mega store – Bazar Shanghai.


They have EVERYTHING! Housewares, auto supplies, tools, clothes, craft supplies, lighting, posters, souvenirs, you name it. Plus, not only do they have everything, most of it comes in neon. Pool toys, fly swatters…decorative rocks?

Paper, non-slip mats, spray paint…

…dishes and storage containers…

…even skateboards and ashtrays, which weren’t exactly neon but close enough.

I appreciated the store organization here – a display I called “Za-pot-os”. Because “shoes” in Spanish is zapatos and there are…oh, you get it!


They’ve got you covered, in case you cook giant hotdogs, or have a really big check to sign!

Or, when you don’t want to share…


Every beauty need is attended to, from Italian flag eyelashes to Sexy9 Love Bath. You too can love your look!

Hair accessories or cat toys? Does it matter?


I don’t know about you, but NOTHING comes between me and my Ghlain Klains! Or my Dulce Caminos, for that matter.

I am not at all sure what this woman is making room for in her nylons! Two small children? Snacks?


Wait, is that Aston Kutcher with a headache??


Haha, no. But, I am pretty sure that this is Mischa Barton!!


Oh, the things you can find in the Chinese store!


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