That glass has made all the difference.

I joined chorus in high school, not because I could sing – for the record, I really couldn’t – but because there were trips involved. Nothing entirely glamorous, mind you, but watching other kids at my posh high school vacationing in Zurich, Sydney, Moscow was a complete travel tease. Toronto would have to do.

Auditions were, thankfully, far from rigorous, as chorus had just become optional after years of being a required student body activity; so, I signed up for my Junior year. One of the first pieces we sang was Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken set to song. Very honestly, I couldn’t tell you a single other piece we sang that year. I only remember this one because, ever since, whenever I hear anything remotely similar, I automatically sing it to that tune in my head. It’s a bizarre curse.

We had a lovely Italian dinner in Seville tonight, complete with a delightful bottle of Temperanillo. If you know me, you know that more than one glass of wine is probably one too many, but that bottle was there on the table and the pizza diavolo was muy piquante.

After easily dusting off the wine, RF was surprised that I was feeling so tipsy. “It’s only one more glass than we usually have!” Immediately, I could hear that damn song in my head! That glass has ma-ade a-a-all the diff’rence.

What? Don’t judge. I’m tipsy! Which also means that I’m going to fall asleep any second. Back to travel stories tomorrow… BUT, for your listening pleasure, it appears that high school students are still being subjected to learning this tune!


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