Well, we woke up this weekend and decided to go to Seville. It wasn’t entirely impulsive; we’d been discussing it for a week or so. Given the US holiday on Monday, we decided to go for it.

As I’ve mentioned, our initial plan for this trip was to enjoy the serenity of the seaside for our entire trip – to have time to work, yes, but to spend our downtime in a down way, relaxing. I have, however, sung the praises of the happy accident that was spending our first month in Barcelona. We enjoyed our city escape, taking in the sights and having such convenient access to services and restaurants in our often odd hours. Though we were looking forward to the coastal contrast, somehow, it didn’t hold quite the same appeal once we arrived.


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Javea is a smaller beach town on the Costa Blanca – not nearly as Miami-esque as nearby Benidorm, but there is still a strong summertime resort feel. We are happy to be experiencing it in the off season rather than in the height of vacation madness, but our timing means that many things are closed or have diminished hours. I understand, but it’s actually made our schedule feel far more complicated. It’s also more of a challenge to explore the Alicante region in the few non-working hours of our day than it was in Barcelona, as sights are further afield than they are in a city setting. It certainly didn’t help that many friends who have traveled to Spain highly recommended seeing Seville. It kept cropping up in the backs of our minds and tops of conversations as a side venture that we really should consider. So, we took the plunge!


The 6 hour drive was an eventful one. The tire pressure light dinged on an hour into our trip. We pulled off at a rest stop to discover a large chunk of rubber missing from the side of one of our tires. I wouldn’t have worried about it too much if we were just going to be driving around town, but with 5 hours of highway ahead of us, we decided to stop in Alicante to see about trading out the car. Thankfully, not only was the agency open on a Sunday – that can be a rarity around here! – they happened to have exactly the same style of car in stock and we were back on our way with only about an hour of interruption.


Back on the road…

Unfortunately, our little misadventure delayed our arrival in Seville until after dark. I don’t like to road trip after dark, simply because I enjoy seeing every inch of the view along the way. But, this created the added inconvenience of navigating unfamiliar streets, if you can call them that, at night. Our newest aparthotel is in Seville’s Old Town, where “streets” are much more like alleyways…alleyways built for horses, not cars. Beautiful, of course, but it was a new level of stress to have collision sensors dinging on all sides just from driving down the “road”. I was fairly convinced we were going to take on dings and scratches, take off wildly gesticulating limbs, and/or take out rambling dogs. Ack!!


Extra wide by Seville standards!

We somehow managed to locate our destination without having to call a tow truck or an ambulance. However, we arrived to an after hours “phone us here to let you in” message. Well, we’ve been using wireless in lieu of cell service during our trip, so we don’t have a local cell phone. We haven’t needed to make local calls, so we never added money to our Hangouts service. After failed attempts to add money on the fly, I managed to find an 800 number for our booking service. Their customer service agent kindly called on our behalf.

I will mention that this entire scene was scored by a radio broadcast of the Seahawks disastrous playoff game. The future is fun.

We managed to park up on the curb in front of our place allowing other cars to squeeze past while RF filled out paperwork and unloaded bags and cats. We then dropped our car in a lot and hope to not see it again until we leave, or until we decide to take a day trip to Gibraltar or Portugal. Although, if more teensy alleystreets are involved, perhaps we’ll just stay put! There’s plenty to see in Sevilla!!


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