Already Plotting…

Apparently, it’s not enough to be on the trip of a lifetime. Today, we started planning our next adventure…adventures, really. We’ve tossed around lots of ideas for another longer stay in the future: Croatia, Denmark, Chile, Argentina, Australia? But, between now and then, there will be some shorter trips.

This past year, we took day trips to Vashon Island, Bainbridge Island, and Bremerton; overnights and weekend trips to PortlandOrcas Island, and Whidbey Island; and, longer journeys to ExumaNew York, and Augusta, GA. Of course, we ended last year and started this year in Spain, but we’re already thinking about what’s next.

Today, we booked a weekend away for only one week after we return from this trip! We’re already plotting a weekend on the Oregon Coast with friends in March, and an anniversary trip in April. We haven’t yet settled on a destination for that trip but, suffice it to say, no post-travel depression for us!

Yes, we absolutely realize how lucky we are to be able to do all of this. Some people have large families, big homes, or expensive hobbies. We have travel. Or, at least, we’re working on it. We’ve made it a priority and worked very hard to manifest our ability to take these longer live/work excursions. This good fortune could absolutely be short-lived – oh, how well I know this to be true – but the memories we’re creating mean so much more to me than any material alternative. So, I’m making it a point to soak up every advantage while we can.

Next stop…The Lodges on Vashon and a Sea Breeze Farm dinner at La Boucherie to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our engagement.




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