Shifting Gears

From bustling metropolitan city to sleepy, off-season seaside town. From lively apartment building to private house. From walking everywhere in the center of town to driving the windy roads of a hillside community. Pretty much everything about moving from Barcelona to Javea is a major shift in gears. Not bad, just different.

About three days into our time in Barcelona, I found myself getting a bit panicky about not being able to see the horizon. I don’t remember ever feeling that way when we lived in NYC, but I do know that one of the things I adore most about the Pacific Northwest is the sweeping vistas. When we first moved to Seattle, I commented to a friend that in driving around town, I noticed that I always had a postcard view in front of me or in my rearview mirror. Javea is much the same. However, now that we’re here, I’m missing city life.

I know we’ll settle in. We tend to forget that so much change in a relatively short amount of time is stressful. Not all stress is bad, of course. It can be quite invigorating and inspirational, which is exactly what I was seeking on this wild journey. Yet, there are times when the adrenaline leaves you feeling a bit shaky and disoriented. I think that’s where I am now.

It’s going to take a few days to reset my personal compass. To figure out where I’m most comfortable working, how to operate a new set of appliances, and where to find the wine glasses. To remember that we can’t get lost in work until 11 pm then expect to pop our for a quick dinner because half of the restaurants here are closed for the season and most of the other half have truncated hours…and all of them require a drive.

I need to stop revving an engine that slipped from fifth gear into neutral. It’s time to downshift, slow down, and cruise on. To sit back and simply enjoy the view, because that view, well, it’s pretty darn amazing.



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