Road Trip: Spain Edition

This morning, we braved some intense winds in Barcelona walking over to Sants Station to pick up our rental car. So, our first thought upon seeing our VW Polo (nope, I hadn’t heard of it either) was, “I hope this little pony can stand up to the bluster!” It was (still is) barely bigger than RF’s hat that blew halfway down Carrer de Tarragona moments earlier in a moment of unusual foreshadowing. No, not of our car blowing away! Of us blowing into Tarragona.

The holiday was good fortune for scoring a parking spot almost directly in front of our apartment – great for loading up.  We summoned all of our Tetris skills to fit our two big suitcases, two backpacks, two cats, and the two of us (plus a few random items that didn’t come in pairs) into the Polo.  Then, we were off!

Hunger pangs set in around, you guessed it, Tarragona. So, we pulled off for a little bit of sightseeing, including an unexpected visit to the Pont del Diable aqueduct, and a sandwich. Three Kings Day doesn’t make for a terrific day to explore Spanish cities – most things were closed. Alas, we managed to find a take-away lunch and had a little car picnic before moving on.

As it turns out, road tripping with RF in Spain is much like road tripping with RF just about anywhere – lots of silly conversations about random topics. Although, the Spain edition added a game of “Guess that Spanish Road Sign” where we would both throw out all of our translation guesses before Googling to see who was right. Hint: ratxes does not mean rodents of unusual size.

Here are a few images from our day’s  journey…

Pont del Diable – Tarragona:



Monumento a Roger de Llúria – Tarragona


View from Balco del Mediterrani


Promenade along Balco del Mediterrani


Pigeon stealing a drink from the statue.


Back on the road…whoosh!



More sky than Montana.


Village in the distance.


Valencia Oranges


Race against the sunset…


Crazy clouds!


We arrived after dark, so Javea pics will have to wait until tomorrow…


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