Happy New Year


Over the years, Tracy and I have been known to be as adventurous as to pull over, get out of our car, and walk across a highway to view fireworks over Chicago’s Navy Pier, and to brave crowds in New York City (mostly avoiding the Times Square mess) to see a midnight New Year’s Eve show. We’ve also been just as excited to stay at home, and view fireworks from the roof of our apartment building in Seattle, or other years, stay in completely and watch clips of festivities around the world on TV. This year’s experience is right at the top with all of the most memorable. Just a few blocks from our apartment, Barcelona’s main NYE attraction was held in Plaça d’España. We fortified ourselves with a glass of local Cava, and headed out. We’re very glad we did. It was crowded, but not packed. Energetic, but not frenetic. Festive, but not saccharine. In short, what we wanted out of our first New Year’s Eve abroad.

We took some pictures, and shot some cell-phone video of what we saw. Take a look, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to plan your own adventure for next year!

New Year’s Eve in Barcelona 2015-16 from Ralph Fontaine on Vimeo.


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