Travel First Aid


With all of the walking we’ve been doing around town, it appears that I’ve pulled, or at least irritated, my Achilles tendon. I know, woe is me…this is, after all, a by-product of being fortunate enough to live in Spain for two months!  I can hear every single one of your tiny violins. But, it got me to thinking, what kind of first aid essentials are a good idea to have on hand when heading on a longer trip.


We typically bring some basic medications:

  • a mild pain reliever like aspirin or Tylenol, because as fun as travel is, it can also be a real headache sometimes!
  • an anti-inflammatory like Advil or Aleve for sore and achy muscles (or pulled tendons!)
  • antihistamines, since I never know what in the world I’m going to be allergic to – and decongestants, in case of cold or flu (but knocking on wood that we don’t encounter either!)
  • good immune-boosting vitamins like C, B Complex, extra B12, and Zinc

first aid

Plus, a few helpful supplies:

  • band-aids for cuts, or blisters, but for blisters you should really have…
  • Compeed blister cushions – WAY better than regular bandages for preventing and protecting blisters
  • anti-itch cream since little bitey bugs just LOVE me
  • antiseptic wipes for everything from personal care to wiping down airplane tray tables (gross!) to cleaning up cat messes
  • mini sewing kit because even those cheesy little scissors can be helpful in many unexpected circumstances

frozen peas

But, my future “kit” will also include:

  • freezable gel packs, which are not only great for icing pulled tendons, but can also be used to keep carry-on food (or medications) cool. Of course, you can always do what I’m doing right now and use a bag of frozen peas!
  • a reusable heat pack, or heat patches, which are great for muscle aches. If you have access to a microwave on your journeys, you can also fill a sock with rice and heat it for a minute or so until warm.
  • melatonin to help adjust sleeping patterns, especially when working odd hours

Do you have any special, unique, or even unusual travel first aid tips?


2 thoughts on “Travel First Aid

  1. Hey I got your food basket , it is the first one I ever received and it is beautiful, Thanks loads you are the best. I will enjoy all of it. Rest that ankle in a bucket of ice for as long as you can stand it and do not put pressure on it for a couple of days. Have a great trip and order room service.

    Love and merry Christmas to you and Ralph. DAD


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