True Confession

I’ve been harboring a dirty little secret that I have to get off my world traveling chest. As much as I am thoroughly enjoying immersing myself in Spanish traditions, culture, and cuisine, there are times when I long for the comforts and conveniences of home. There is one thing I just haven’t been able to live without. Coffee. It’s true. I’m a hardcore Seattleite. We love our coffee. We have very strong feelings about our coffee. We are completely snotty about our coffee. Barcelonans?  Not so much.

Okay okay, that’s not entirely true. Every cafe, patisserie, and restaurant offers espresso. However, the expectation is that you will sit and savor. I would love that! Unfortunately, this American has to get to work. She wants to take that cup to go. And could it maybe be a larger cup? Healthy or not, I’m accustomed to three shots of espresso in my morning Americano.  That little demitasse ain’t gonna cut it!

Alas, my dirty secret is this…it took all of two days (2 days!!) for us to hit up a Starbucks! Ack. The horrors!!


I wish I could say that, as a Seattleite, I never cross this mass brewer’s threshold when I’m at home. Yes, it’s a Seattle company.  But no, they’re not in most Seattleite’s Top 100 places to grab a cup.  Though, did you catch when I mentioned convenience above? In Seattle, where there are, in some places, more than one Starbucks on every corner, convenient is an understatement. Then, there’s the app. As a membership card holder, you can order your latte on the fly then pop in or drive through to grab your cup and go. Can’t say I don’t take advantage of this on many a late to work day.

Somehow, though, it seems even more blasphemous to head to Starbucks in Spain! And yet, without other take-away options, it’s been my saving grace. I’m trying to cut back and make more time to linger. Also, a friend sent me info today on a local boutique roaster, Nomad Coffee – à propos, no?  Too bad it’s a mile and a half walk…or, maybe that’s a good thing.  Cutting back and lingering is hardly a bad idea.  After all, I did come to live like a local.  I guess that means giving up American comforts and conveniences and absorbing local alternatives. But it doesn’t have to happen all at once, right?!  She said, sipping from a red cup…



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