Friday Finds


It’s hard to believe that we’re already close to wrapping up our first week here in Barcelona.  It’s been an exhausting week trying to adjust to a new time zone while also working across one nine hours behind us.  I’m naturally a night owl, so it’s all too easy for me to stay up until 3 am…and then sleep most of the next morning.  Our goal for next week is to stop this!  I want to have more time to enjoy the city before going to work in the…afternoon.  Oh well, it’s a work in progress.  We’ve still managed to have a most magnificent time.

During our trip, I thought I would use Friday Finds to highlight some of the restaurants, shops, or sites that we would recommend to our friends if they were coming to town.  This week, it’s all about great restaurants…


Foc i Oli – We’ve discovered that all food here as an -eria.  In which case, this would be a hamburgueseria.  Hamburgers are oddly popular in Barcelona, but Foc i Oli combines French and Uruguayan traditions for truly unique burger options.  We, of course, had their specialty – the chivito – but every single item on their menu was equally tempting.  I have no doubt that we’ll be back before leaving.


Rekons – On a busy street corner bordering Sant Antoni and Poble Sec sits an unassuming little restaurant that serves the most unexpected salad and empanada combination.  The salad includes a cheese filled zucchini, wild rice salad with tuna on tomato, carrot and sweet potato slices, cubed mozzarella, fresh apples, dried cherries, asparagus, and sprouts on a large bed of lettuce.  Empanadas in many flavor combinations are warm and flaky, toasted to perfection.


Copasetic – Just around the corner in our neighborhood we discovered a charming little cafe/bar that offers an interesting mix of organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegetarian food and drink with a Mediterranean flair.  The savory crepes are stuffed with flavorful fillings, and the spiced patatas with cilantro-lime aioli are the best of all the potatoes we’ve enjoyed thus far.  We couldn’t pass up a chocolate-filled crepe, but had to take it to enjoy later.

The People of Barcelona – I also just want to give a shout out to the many kind folks who have been patient in communicating with us as we stumble over our very limited Spanish and complete lack of Catalan. So far, everyone from taxi drivers to restauranteurs to pharmacists have been completely warm, welcoming, and generous. In a city of 1.2 million people, there are bound to be a few surly types, but we haven’t come across them yet!

Barcelona vs. Deportivo La Coruña – Sat @ 4 PM – Camp Nou


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