If you’ve enjoyed seeing pictures of our adventures here on the blog, and maybe Facebook, there are even more on Instagram.  My feed can be found here: @whatimsnapping.  It’s not necessary to have an Instagram account or officially “follow” me to view my grams.  In fact, you may or may not have noticed that all of my Friday Finds featured images link back to that account – and are all my personal work.


Plaça d’España

While we’ve taken some fun sightseeing vacations over the years, my favorite way to travel is to ensconce myself in daily life as much like a local as possible.  Hence, this desire to spend a longer time abroad.  That’s not to say that I’m not excited to see the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and many other famous sights, but I feel confident that we will be here at least a week before seeing a single tourist attraction on purpose.  Rather than rushing to buy tickets or specifically seeking things out, we’ve just been wandering.

There are so many restaurants around town that we’ve relied on Yelp for helpful dining suggestions, which has been tremendously helpful in leading us to some amazing meals at unexpected hole in the wall spots.  We often pick a lunch spot then meander through the neighborhoods there and back.  Every time we set off, I wonder what unusual architecture or peculiar street art we’ll discover along the way.

We’ve been lucky to land great people-watching spots while eating, which is always entertaining.  I even just enjoy sitting with a glass of wine or cup of coffee and watching all the scooters and little cars zipping around each other…and the pedestrians. (We did see the aftermath of an accident yesterday, so the wild driving habits don’t always end well.)

I’m not a big shopper while traveling, though even I am excited for the Christmas markets to begin.  It turns out that there will be one right outside of our apartment next week!  Other than a caganer, I doubt I will bring home very many tchotchkes, but I do love capturing my memories on “film”.  So, keep an eye on Instagram for our latest discoveries.


Fira de Barcelona reflected in Vintage Citroën


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