This or That: Eyeliner

Time for a new feature here on Year of Months: This or That?  Our first showdown is between two eyeliners.

Left: Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner
Right: Sonia Kashuk Twist-Up Longwear Liner

I’ve been using this Smashbox liner for a long time, but a very fashionable friend of mine recently recommended the Sonia Kashuk liner.  She’s a total convert, so I had to give it a try.


Smashbox Pros:

  1. Always sharp – a sneaky sharpener hidden inside the cap maintains the perfect point for clean, fine lines.
  2. Color selection – seven great colors, including my favorites: French Navy and Storm Grey. Plus, several more sparkly options in their “3D” version.
  3. Waterproof – as a copywriter who stares at computer screens all day, my eyes can get irritated and watery. Waterproof makeup is always a bonus.

Sonia Kashuk Pros:

  1. Gel formula – glides on smoothly and blends easily giving you the option of a clean line or smokey eye.
  2. Longwear – while this isn’t billed as waterproof, the liner definitely stays put throughout the day.
  3. Price – Only $7.99!

Smashbox Cons:

  1. Price – $20.  I’m definitely not buying this one in bulk.
  2. Always sharp – As much as I love this feature, I feel like I’m wasting product when it shaves a little bit off every time I close the cap.

Sonia Kashuk Cons:

  1. Color selection – Only four colors, and all are sparkly.  I don’t always feel sparkly.  The deep violet (aka black tanzanite) is pretty, but I do love how Smashbox’s French Navy matches my limbal ring (settle down, it’s that dark line around your iris…if you have one.)
  2. Sharpness – while this liner does twist up, the tip dulls with use.  Most of the time, I prefer a clean line to a smokey eye, which is harder to achieve once the tip smushes down.

 This is a tough one, but I have to give it to Smashbox. Truth be told, I like having both options in my makeup bag. At only $7.99, I can buy several Sonia Kashuk liners for the price of just one Smashbox, and it does create a reliably long-lasting line.  But, Smashbox wins the overall vote for offering my preferred colors and a precision line every time.


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