Friday Finds


Black Friday is upon us!  We stopped into Target on Wednesday night for some travel prep and found the whole store in Black Friday Mode.  Barricades were already in place, delineators (did you know that’s what those tall pylon things called?  I didn’t.  Thanks,!) were being assembled and set out, and team meetings were in progress to discuss management of the impending throngs.  Are you out with the masses, or avoiding the madness?


Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 12.02.44 PM

I’m on board with REI, who closed all 143of their stores today.  Instead, they encourage you to #optoutside.  If we didn’t have 1,001 things to do before Spain, I’d be on a hike!




Of course, if you want deals without braving crowds, there are plenty of options.  Here’s a list of online deals you can score right from the comfort of your own couch.



small-businessPersonally, my favorite way to shop for the holidays – or birthdays and other occasions – is to #shoplocal.  Apparently, 64% of Americans feel the same.  Check out Yelp’s list of top places to shop local in 20 cities – or search for shops in your neighborhood.


Now Reading: Black Friday Special – Common Retail Questions Answered with Deeper Questions (McSweeney’s)
Now Will Be Watching: A Charlie Brown Christmas turns 50 this year! Airs Monday, Nov. 30 at 9|8c, preceded by a start-studded celebration at 8|7c.
Now Listening: My Favorite Christmas Album



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