Raise the Roof! (Or the whole house…)

I am officially obsessed with the idea of raising our house.  No, not razing…raising!  Lifting the whole thing up and building down below.  Our old-timey 1910 house has an old-timey 1910 cellar, which is not at all suited to renovations without adding an interior stairwell and increasing the ceiling height by at least a foot.  In my DADU searches, I came across a couple who is doing just that to their even smaller (783 sq. ft.) Seattle home, circa 1918.  It can be done!  But what do you think it costs??


Based on my extensive snooping on the Architect’s Site, the Architect’s Blog, and the Homeowner’s Instagram, it appears that the project is still in progress.  That means, it’s been over a year since they began the process.  A. Cha-ching.  But B. That’s a lot of time to live in a house on stilts.  Yes, they are living in it during construction!  Brave souls.


I guess one of the homeowner’s fathers is the contractor, and she (homeowner) is helping him (father/contractor) with a lot of the work  So, it’s a true labor of love.  Adorable.  I don’t have any contractor family members, or handy folks who could help us out, and nary a skilled DIY bone in my body.  So, I guess we’d better start saving…even more.  Or, morel likely, I should keep my grandiose schemes focused squarely on the garage…at least for now.  You just never know.  With home prices skyrocketing the way they continue to here, and a supreme lack of inventory, it’s quite possible that we would seriously consider this option one day.  At least, I would.  Let’s not tell RF just yet, shall we?  I think he might run away.


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