New Discovery: Zady

Today, I noticed a new sponsor on one of the blogs that I regularly read. The woman in the ad was wearing a sweater I just had to have, so I clicked through and discovered Zady.  According to their site, “Zady began with a grand vision: to combat the fast-fashion craze by providing a platform for only those companies that care about timeless style and solid construction.” Further investigation revealed that they’ve been called the “Whole Foods of Fashion” and “the poster child of the ethical fashion movement.” Quite the claims!

I suspect that, per usual, I’m late to the Zady game.  Alas, I’m a quick convert.  They carry a wide range of ethical, sustainable, responsibly sourced, slow fashion items. I realize that sounds a bit granola, but I’m very much behind their philosophy that clothing shouldn’t be a corrupt, consumptive, disposable product. High quality materials yield high quality goods – built to last. Zady offers clothing for woman, men, and children, as well as select finds for home and office.  These are a few of my faves:

.09 Navy Chunky Knit Sweater – This is the sweater that lured me in.  I adore a giant, cozy sweater on dreary Northwest days.  This is exactly what I want to be wearing while lounging in an oversized chair, blazing fire to my left, giant window overlooking the ocean to the right, nose in a good book, and a cup of hot chocolate in hand.

Chunky Knit

The Lucy Blue Ridge by Imogene + Willie – For every oversized chunky sweater you need a soft but sturdy pair of slim jeans.  These Kentucky designers source their denim from Cone, one of the oldest and last remaining denim mills in the country.

imogen and willie

Gold Leather Esplar Sneakers by Veja – I’m certain you won’t believe me, but I was told earlier today that I need a pair of gold shoes.  These sneakers, made with organic cotton, wild rubber sustainably harvested from the Amazon, and vegetable-tanned leather using plant extracts would fit the bill quite nicely.


Ella Earring by Brandi Pham – I’m not one to wear a lot of jewelry, but I do enjoy sporting a statement earring from time to time. Brandi creates all of her jewelry in the Garment District or Diamond District of New York City with materials sourced in New York and Rhode Island.

Ella Earring

Fisherman Cardigan by Billie Reid – Boy, am I a sucker for a guy in an old man cardi. Thankfully, RF is willing to play along. The work of another Southerner, Billie Reid designs honor the American classics and are made from high quality raw materials.

Fisherman Cardi

Rugby Stripe Socks by Etiquette Clothiers – I’m trying to talk RF into becoming a quirky sock guy. Maybe I can lure him in with a simple rugby stripe? Etiquette Clothiers sources fabrics from Italy and manufactures in small, family-owned Italian factories that have been operating for decades.


A pair of Craft Design Technology Black Scissors made of brushed stainless steel and designed for right or left hand use…

CDT scissors

…would look pretty sweet on my desk resting next to a Postalco A5 Notebook made of water-resistant starch-pressed cotton and chlorine-free paper.

Postalco Notebook

And, with all the baby showers I have this year, someone’s bound to get a Mi Cielo Dark Vader onesie. Every item is hand-stitched by designer Kayo Master using recycled felt from local art stores.

Dark Vader


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