Wait, where’d it go?!

How many times have you had that moment where you realize that something you really love has been discontinued?  A food, a flavor, a fragrance…a shirt, a shop, a show…a band, a bra, a beauty product!  A thousand and one beauty products!!

Well, I have to say that what riles me up more than something being completely discontinued is when a company realizes that they have a really hot product on their hands, so they put it out only as a “special release” and charge you ten times as much.  Oooh!!  That makes me so mad!


Case in point, LaLicious Sugar Scrubs.  I still love ’em, but Whipped Peppermint is my favorite.  I’m pretty sure it was their first product.  As I recall, when I started buying it several years ago there weren’t ten fruity fragrances to choose from, just peppermint.  It’s the most refreshing experience!  Unlike salt scrubs, sugar scrubs are kinder and gentler on the skin.  Lalicious suspends the sugar in oil, so that as the sugar melts your skin is deeply nourished…and, your shower floor is like a slip-n-slide!  But the danger is part of the fun, right?

Of course, the natural peppermint oils give your skin – and nose! – an added pep talk.  Whether you need a wake-up call or a jolt of relaxation, peppermint does the trick.  So why?  Why, Lalicious, have you decided that we deserve this little miracle only once a year?  At the holidays, no less.


The typical tub (top photo) is 16 oz. and sells for $35.  I know, not cheap – but trust me, it lasts for ages and the benefits are well worth the cost.  The Limited Edition Holiday Scrub Tower (bottom photo) contains “an assortment of 3 decadent 2 oz. Sugar Scrubs in a clear branded tube with a festive red ribbon to top it off”, for the bargain price of $27.  Wait, what?!  So, that’s only 6 oz?  And let’s be real…it’s only 2 ounces of what I actually want.  Creamy Eggnog and Hot Buttered Rum?  Neither sound the slightest bit refreshing!  Comforting?  In my mouth, yes.  In a scrub, not so much.

So, for $13.50/oz., I can enjoy the delightful holiday experience of my favorite sugar scrub, at least for a couple of months until I have to wait for next year’s special?  I know what you’re thinking…but a festive red ribbon tops it off!  Ha.  There must be some method to this madness, since so many retailers do exactly the same thing. It just makes me furious and way less likely to ever use their product again.  (Right after I buy three of these towers.)


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