Small House, Cozy Fire!

Almost everyone compromises when buying a house.  Whether you’re spending a hundred thousand or a hundred million, there’s usually something on the list that isn’t in the house.  Granted, a hundred million can probably fix that, but it’s still work that has to be done.  Nothing’s perfect.

RF and I compromised on a few things when we fell for our house.  Most of them, I can live without.  Though, as the weather turns cold, I really miss having a fireplace.  There are such a wide range of styles to choose from…

Spanish flair in this Venice, CA bungalow.Los Angeles

A stone chimney suits this cabin overlooking Mt. Adams in Lyle, WA.Lyle WA

White brick and shiplap ceilings with a view of Green Hill Pond in South Kingstown, RI.Rhode Island

Flagstone hearth and chimney in Spectacle Lake log cabin, Cambridge, MN.Minnesota

Indoor and outdoor fireplaces at this Lake Hiwassee home near Oklahoma City, OK.Oklahoma City

And, possibly my favorite, Craftsman detailing in Berkeley, CA.



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