Wanderlust Wednesday: The Curiost

I mentioned it briefly in last week’s Friday Finds post, but I want to tell you a bit more about my recent work on The Curiost.

Vashon Roadside Farmstand

Vashon Roadside Farmstand

A few months ago, my friend Anna contacted me to ask if I would be interested in writing about day trips. Travel? Write? Um, yes please!  Anna moved to Houston shortly after I met her, but we are kindred spirits in our unwillingness to live out our days in a dreary cubicle under the thumb of an unappreciative boss when there are so many exciting / unique / confounding / phenomenal / fascinating / bewildering / thrilling / mystifying / provocative / peculiar / breathtaking / astonishing / perplexing / captivating / remarkable / bizarre / extraordinary / miraculous things to explore on this tremendous globe we call home. It generally wouldn’t require any arm-twisting for me to promote curiosity as a way of life, but when the request came from Anna, it was an instant yes.  So, she put me in touch with The Curiost site founder Amy Kweskin, and a new venture began.

Musicians at Vashon Farmer's Market

Musicians at Vashon Farmer’s Market

Amy founded The Curiost to bring together liked-minded Curiosts around a platform for exploring our outer world and our inner selves. While it’s certainly a worthy adventure to travel to the far side of the universe, working your way up steep mountain peaks, along deep river-drawn canyons, through densely tangled jungles, and around every remote bend (seriously, sign me up!) this virtual “world cafe” is a space dedicated to the extraordinary exploration that can happen within just a day’s journey from home.

Bremerton Waterfront Park

Bremerton Waterfront Park

Amy, Anna, and I have gotten the party started, so to speak, with a collection of posts about our personal adventures. Our goal has been to not just report on a destination, but also explore its significance to us.  RF and I grabbed hold of this opportunity to try on a few small towns for size.  We’re forever contemplating what life might be like if we were to step away from the city and live at a slower pace, preferably on an island.  So, we’ve visited and I’ll be reporting on four spots just a ferry ride away from Seattle that we might consider making permanent.  Two are already on The Curiost – quirky Vashon Island and historic Bremerton.  I hope you’ll check them out.

Fritz Frites - Bremerton

Fritz Frites – Bremerton

The Curiost is rooted in personal journeys by curious travelers and is open to anyone interested in sharing and exchanging ideas about their own travels.  So, give a read for more information about how you can share your day tripping adventures too!  And, don’t forget to try your hand at this month’s Scavenger Hunt.


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