Chuck IIs

Have any of you tried the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II?  They were unveiled this past summer to rave reviews and I’m curious if they live up to the hype.  My Chuck Taylor Slips are in serious need of an upgrade and, to be honest, even though I’ve worn them ragged, they’re not the most comfortable shoes in the world.  They’re just easy.  So, I’m super curious about the addition of a Lunarlon sockliner for extra cushioning and arch support.

lunarlon liner

Fancy looking, isn’t it?  But, does it work?  As it turns out, the new Chuck II colors that were released this week just might make the whole liner issue a moot point.

chuck ii

Luscious “Bordeaux” and dreamy “Thunder” are two of my favorite fall colors…as is evidenced by my favorite booties.  So the biggest question at this point is just which color?!  I’m thinking…

bord shorts


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