Friday Finds


This weekend marks the Two Month Anniversary of the Year of Months reboot.  While writing can sometimes feel like venturing down a lonely path, WordPress analytics tells me that I’m slowly but surely building an audience.  Perhaps I’ll find time to add Google Analytics in month three to learn even more about my readers.  Though, to be perfectly honest, I’ve concerned myself far more with building and maintaining a writing habit than with worrying about who’s showing up to read what I’ve written.  However, I can’t deny that it’s a bit of a thrill to think that, in just two months, my words have reached all of these corners of the world:


I look forward to seeing that list grow as the year goes on – and I thank you for being one of the ones who shows up!



Do you practice Safe Selfie??  I suspect you’ve seen the article going around about selfies being more dangerous than shark attacks.  I thought that headline was crazy, but Russia had even launched a ‘safe selfie’ campaign after a series of deaths.  Just this week a man died at the Taj Mahal after falling while taking a selfie.  What?!  Y’all be careful with those phones!


Heidi Swanson

I’m excited about Heidi Swanson’s latest cookbook Near & Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel.  A photographer / designer based in San Francisco, Heidi began to “stop collecting cookbooks and start cooking.”  Of course, she’s been writing her own cookbooks for awhile now, and taking stunning pictures of her creations.  Of her now vast collection of recipes, Heather’s Quinoa is my personal fave.



Are you friends with your coworkers?  In more than one office, my coworkers and I have been thrown some serious shade for outwardly enjoying each other’s company.  But more than one study shows the benefits of making friends at work.  So, go ahead haters, call us Mean Girls.  We’re responsible for your lively work culture!


What I’m Reading:  Taylor Swift: A Socratic Dialogue (McSweeney’s)
What I’m Watching:  Hotel 22 (Short of the Week)
What I’m Listening to:  80s New Wave Hits (Spotify)


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