Do You Float?

float pod 2

Does this crazy contraption look familiar to you?  That futuristic sabot is a float pod, and if you haven’t ever given one a try, you have no idea what you’re missing!  This one is much fancier and far more stealth looking than the first one I encountered years ago in Los Angeles.  That one lived up to the term “isolation chamber”, closer in appearance to something you would expect astronauts to be subjected to for evaluation after lengthy missions. This one is far sexier looking, indeed.  Alas, both are equally relaxing havens from the over-stimulation of the modern world.

I honestly can’t remember how I first heard about floating.  As someone who practically grew up in swimming pools, and regularly had to be dragged out of the bathtub as a child, water has been my haven for pretty much my entire life.  So, locking myself in a warm container of salt water for an hour never required a hard sell.

float pod 3

The benefits are said to be vast – all of the things that come from deep meditative relaxation: reduced stress, improved sleep, physical healing, enhanced creativity, increased sports performance, and an overall deepened connection with oneself.  I will warn, however, that given all of the stimuli we’ve become accustomed to being bombarded with on a near constant basis, it can be hard to settle in when you first get started.

The pods contain warm water saturated with epsom salt, which creates a buoyant bed that matches your external body temperature with the welcome side-effect of softening your skin.  The goal is not being able to sense where your body ends and the water begins and, of course, relieving any physical pressure and strain.  You float in complete darkness and silence once the pod is closed.  These new pods have soft lighting and music options for those who can’t handle, or have to work up to, total light and sound deprivation.  But it’s that absence that I find so relaxing.  Just you and your mind, alone and quiet.  You might be inspired, you might snooze, you might climb the walls a little until you learn to let go.  Once you do, there is no other relaxation like it in the world.

float pod 1

Have you tried it?  Would you?  With several major writing deadlines looming at the end of this month, I think I need to call for my next appointment pronto!


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