Friday Finds


It’s Back-to-School time once again.  The season has been bittersweet here in Seattle where teachers began the school year by striking for improved wages and other critical system improvements.  Truthfully, it’s hard for me to imagine why teaching isn’t the highest paid profession.  What greater responsibility is there?  And yet, it’s a constant battle for teachers all over our country to earn a livable wage.  It’s shameful, really.  Thankfully, classes are now in session after a tentative deal was reached.  In honor of learning, here are this week’s finds…


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 10.52.12 PM

Support Schools!  Skip your latte this week, visit, and pick a classroom project in your area to fund.  Teachers share updates along with messages straight from the students, so you feel good about where your dollars go.



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 What you need to know to be culturally literate in 2016.  Wired assembled lots of great links to information about the People to Know, Hottest Ideas, Essential Works, and Must-Follow Feeds in the areas of Science, Culture, Security, Business, and Design.




Stock up!  Whether you’re headed back to school or not, everyone needs a place to store their cute sh*t!  Find more fun School Supplies on


September 13-19 is National Arts in Education Week.  These three students share their very unique experiences with the value of arts – academically and emotionally.


What I’m Reading: The Black Family in the Age of Incarceration, Ta-Nehisi Coates (The Atlantic)
What I’m Watching: The Graduates (ITVS)
What I’m Listening To:  Rock-n-Roll High School, The Ramones (Spotify)


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