Tiny House Tuesday: Smallworks

Smallworks is a full-service small house construction company based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Combined, their team has over 40 years of experience in home building and renovations, but they began focusing specifically on small houses 7 years ago.  One of the original founders, Jake Fry, recognized a need in addressing the way a property is used over the evolution of its ownership – namely, the way residences must grow and shrink over time to accommodate the needs of children and extended family members with varying needs.

Smallworks also happens to benefit from Vancouver’s unique urban density initiative promoting “laneway” houses, which are homes constructed along alleyways at the rear of a lot in the spaces typically reserved for garages and carports.  I find this particularly intriguing because our goal is to convert the detached garage at the back of our yard.  The main difference is that we don’t have alley access.  But, Smallworks’ laneway designs provide lots of fantastic inspiration nonetheless, both outside and in – don’t miss the full slideshows for a peek at their sustainable finishes and small scale staging by Home Ingredients.

A few of my faves:

Quintessential Cottage

Smallworks 5

Wooded Custom

smallworks 1

Urban Elegance

Smallworks 3

Luxe Oasis

Smallworks 6

Modern Sanctuary

smallworks 7


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