Friday Finds



cat view


You’ve heard of a bird’s-eye view?  Well, Japan has created a cat’s-eye view of Hiroshima using Google Street View.





Only a month left to visit selgascano’s Serpentine Pavilion.  Can’t make it to London?  No problem.  The “rainbow wormhole” will be reconstructed in Los Angeles next year.


gf_nyc_bagel Blackbird Bakery’s chewy chocolate chip cookies and doughy cheese bialys proved that gluten-free snacks don’t have to be tasteless cardboard.  Seattle Alehouse’s ruben and Trophy Cupcake’s almond cakes are also among my gf faves.  Saving this list for my next NYC trip.  Bagel with birthday cake cream cheese??


Ready for the return of Fall TV?  I’m looking forward to having some comedies on the DVR.  Definitely Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  Might give a few new shows a try, like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Grinder, or Angel from Hell.  Though, maybe not that last one; I always get hooked on Cupid shows that end up cancelled!  Better off sticking with Rob Lowe whose stint on Californication convinced me of his comedic genius.


Now Reading:  Lenny Letter
Now Watching:  Back to School: 5 Docs to Watch about Education in America (PBS)
Now Listening:  Grace Potter – Midnight (Spotify)


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