Happy Birthday, RF!

Super lucky to have this guy as my best friend, true love, and ultimate travel partner on this crazy life adventure.


In honor of his birthday, here are a few fun facts about RF:

RF was first diagnosed as a stomach ulcer.  His mom was pretty excited to find out she was actually having a baby.

He grew up on the Jersey Shore well before it was The Jersey Shore and lived in the same house from birth until leaving for college.

He used to “practice” falling off of things…like from the roof of the house onto the hood of his parents’ car.

He has nerve damage in his fingertips from riding his bike to the beach to surf during icy New Jersey winters.

He once set his own hair on fire…on purpose.

His first job was at a mafia boat yard so he has secret captaining skills…and knows to steer clear when the Town Cars are parked out front.

In college, he froze a goldfish in an ice cube tray “in case they developed a cure”, but threw it out the window when his roommates left on a ski trip without him.

He’s never been a waiter, but he has played one on TV.

His karaoke song is Wanted Dead or Alive.  It takes a few drinks for it to sound more like Bon Jovi and less like a Broadway show tune.

He’s an excellent sous chef, but has a few signature dishes of his own: tuna pasta salad, doctored ramen, and a mean grilled cheese.

He intentionally balances on one foot while putting on his socks and shoes because it’s a fun challenge.

He makes sure chivalry isn’t dead.

His sense of humor is childish, quirky, clever, and goofball, often all at once.

He makes me laugh from my belly and smile from my heart.


Happy Birthday, RF – here’s to many more cupcake celebrations!!


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