Cheesy Fruit Toast

RF and I have what we like to call “scrounge meals”, those everything but the kitchen sink type of meals we pull together when we get too busy to plan, or when the cabinets and fridge are getting bare.  I also have a tendency to fall into breakfast ruts, eating the same thing for 72 days in a row until I suddenly can’t stomach the thought of ever eating it again.  Hitting one of those walls also calls for the scrounge.  Cheesy fruit toast was the serendipitous result of one of those desperate breakfast moments.

We almost always have some bread in the freezer, so I started there.  On this day, we only had white, but a hearty multigrain probably would have been even tastier.  Oh well, this is the gamble of scrounging – all was certainly not lost.  Cheese?  Never a bad option.  I found grated parmesan and manchego, but brie, mozzarella, my favorite double creme, or vegan cheese would have been equally delicious.  Now, I faced a dilemma when I realized that we had cherry tomatoes, blueberries, and raspberries.  A savory toast with halved cherry tomatoes would have been a very solid option.  Maybe sprinkle a little oregano on top to melt into the cheese, plus a drizzle of balsamic?  Perfect for another day.  At this moment, I was intrigued by the fruit.

kitchen scrounge

Since the bread was frozen, I gave it a minute or so alone in the toaster to thaw.  Once I could feel the surface of the bread just start to crisp, I added the cheese.

parmesan and manchego

Then, back in for another blast of heat.  As soon as the cheese melted a bit, I quickly added the fruit.  Honestly, you could add the fruit at the same time you add the cheese (which, I might add, would be right at the beginning if you’re bread weren’t frozen) it would just soften up a bit more under the heat.  I like it warmed rather than fully cooked, but that’s purely personal preference.  You can always convince me of convenience.

cheese and fruit

Going this route, I toasted again until the cheese started to brown and the fruit deepened in color.  To top it all off, I decided to add an extra hint of sweetness by drizzling the finished toast with Hudson Valley honey from our friends’ wedding at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.  So rich and delicious.

Blue Hill honey

Then, all that was left to do was EAT!  Look at those plump blueberries.  I was really looking for that sweet/savory combo, which the blueberries and cheese suited perfectly.  These particular raspberries were a bit on the tart side, so I was thankful for the honey.

Cheesy Fruit Toast

Cheesy fruit toast was definitely the product of a scrounged meal, but there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t plan to make it.  It’s the perfect way to get out of your breakfast rut, or switch up an afternoon snack.


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