One Month Old!

Whew!  I somehow managed to survive my first month back on the blog.  Wish I could say that it’s been easy, but RF will tell you that my exhaustion proves otherwise.  I naïvely believed that I would be in a groove by now.  Ha!  Of course, it hasn’t helped that this also happened to be the month I took on several new projects all at once.  Not complaining!  When I quit my job a year and a half ago, this is exactly where I hoped to be right now.  Nope, not complaining at all.

In honor of making it through this first month, I’ve been thinking a lot about symbolism.  It seems a natural response to milestones, though not one that I’m particularly beholden to in any way.  It’s just fun to think about.  As I first began to consider the types of symbols typically associated with this past month, I kept putting the pin in August, since so much of the work has happened within this month.  But then I realized that this blog is a July baby just like me.  A Leo ruby larkspur baby.  Oh yes, I know I sound crazy.  And yes, I also realize that symbolism is all about looking for signs to fit the situation.  But who doesn’t enjoy reading their horoscope from time to time?  So, indulge me a little; it’s our one month birthday!


Late July babies, Leos, are often thought of as dramatic, boisterous, center of attention kind of people, which really doesn’t describe me, or Year of Months, at all.  I’m definitely more of a shy, reserved, fly on the wall kind of girl.  I can muster up social confidence, but I’m absolutely a homebody at heart.  This description from CafeAstrology (a site name that inspires loads of confidence in their zodiac knowledge, for sure) is actually one of the more accurate that I’ve read: “It is sometimes difficult to imagine Leos as go-getters if you happen to catch them in one of their languid moods. These people can sleep in, laze around, and luxuriate for long periods of time. However, when they do get to work, they do it with intensity and determination.”

Boy do I enjoy lazing and luxuriating!  I might be known for my “noon rule” (i.e. don’t even think about calling me before noon on the weekend!)  However, it is also true that when I set my mind to something, I go full force.  (See: quitting my job.)  Year of Months is also a perfect example.  I can’t deny that there have been many nights this past month when I was very tempted to skip writing in favor of vegging on the couch and catching up on cheesy TV.  Times when RF questioned whether five days a week was really necessary.  Moments when he and our cats were snuggled up and I had to force myself to retreat with my computer to the kitchen table.  But I did.  A few posts went up late in the day, or way past my usual bedtime, but they got there.  And, the more posts that went up, the more determined I was to get the next one out on time too.  For me, determination begets determination.  I just have to get that ball rolling.  Thanks, Leo.


Another July symbol, the ruby, is said to “improve your ability to think clearly, speak confidently, overcome shyness and get you moving toward success.  Ruby brings you back into reality and begins the process of reaching for those hopes and dreams you’ve put on the back burner.”  As you know, Year of Months was dormant for three years.  Three years!!  I never forgot about it, though.  It was always my intention to revive it.  But before I knew it, my own blog had become the victim of exactly what it was created to avoid – passing months becoming passing years.  This year, not only did ruby give me the nudge I needed to get going, it also provided a reality check.  No more back burners for me!


So, Delphinium is one of the birth flowers for July.  There are two?!  I’ll admit that I have been a July baby for many years now and had no idea that there was a birth flower at all!  Regardless, I find it fairly fitting.  Delphinium, or Larkspur, is “a symbol of infinite possibility.  Stretch your current beliefs and keep reaching for the stars, one baby step at a time.”  This has been a baby step month, for sure.  Reference the aforementioned desire to choose couch over computer.  I’ve somehow managed to maintain the internal mantra, “Just sit down and start typing.”  I mean…my inner delphinium gave me the power.  Either way, as soon as my fingers hit the keys, I’m in the zone.  That first step is undoubtedly the hardest.  But, much like a toddler, once I lean forward and put one foot out, the other has no choice but to follow.  With one month under my belt, I see no other option than making it two.

I will also note that the number for Delphinium is 5.  Wait, flowers have numbers?  I don’t even know.  But, I do know that this happens to be a 5 year.  Coincidence?  Oh yes.  Pure and utter.  Yet, I’ve come to accept that there’s power in coincidence.  It speaks to our innate appreciation of symmetry and pattern.  So, if a 5 flower of infinite possibility meets a 5 year, well, that just has to mean all kinds of crazy infinite power!  Yes, I jest.  Perhaps I should take these symbols more seriously.  They do match up pretty nicely with my experience here.  Nah, I think I’ll just keep focusing on my own determination to the take baby steps that keep me moving towards success.  Wait, what?  Well, whatever the motivation or inspiration or divination, thanks for taking this crazy ride with me.  Here’s to the Year of Months ahead!


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