Tiny House Tuesday: Street Names

There’s something rather anonymous about living on a numbered street.  Despite a few notable exceptions, like 5th Avenue or 42nd Street, most are fairly nondescript.  So, when we moved back to Seattle from our 3rd Street apartment in Brooklyn, I hoped to return to a uniquely named road – like Boylston or Phinney or Yesler.  Alas, that was not our destiny.  We landed in the 50s; happily, I might add.  But I much prefer a street name that’s as cute as the houses on it.  Here are a few small houses on great streets:


Imagine hosting festive fêtes on Lively Lane at this small house with a big yard in Dallas, TX.


Lovingly restored Loftsgordon Avenue house in the Maple Woods neighborhood of Madison, WI.


This official Landmark Home is the darling of Darlington Rd. north of Buffalo, NY.


I am besotted with this Besuden Court home’s gleaming hardwood floors in Cincinnati, OH.


Give me the keys to this white picket fence cottage on Carson St. in Raleigh, NC.  I’m ready to move in!

P.S. – Have you seen this expanding tiny house with slide outs?  They’re considering selling.  You can park it on whichever street you like!


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