RF and I took a field trip over the weekend for a new project that I’m working on – details to come soon! While we were out adventuring, we came across the most adorable roadside farm stand. It was so cute I wanted to move in. Instead, I settled for bringing home a taste of the country in the form of some of the brightest red tomatoes I’ve seen in a long time and the most fragrant bouquet of basil I think I’ve ever encountered. It delightfully perfumed our car for the remainder of our journey.


This morning, I decided to pair the tomato and basil with a couple of eggs and a few tiny mozzarelle already in our fridge for a dish I like to call “capreggse”.  Traditional Caprese is probably my favorite summertime salad, mostly because I could live off of tomatoes, and they’re most delicious at this time of year.  Though, there is something particularly magical about the combination of juicy tomatoes, sweet basil, and creamy mozzarella.  Add a dash of salt and pepper, plus a drizzle of balsamic, and I’m in taste bud heaven.  Perfect on its own, for sure, but I’m always up for any opportunity to apply this combo to other meals.


I diced the small tomato, sliced the cheese, and for the basil, a chiffonade.  I typically don’t like for things to be over-chopped, especially in a dish like this when you want the flavors to really pop in your mouth.  I suspect there are a few of you cringing that I didn’t juice and de-seed the tomatoes.  This does create more liquid in the final product, and if you’re opposed to that, you can certainly do the work up front to avoid it.  But that tomato juice is destined for my toast!


I added a dash of milk to my eggs before beating for a little extra fluff.  Make sure you see a bit of froth around the edges.  Then, dump everything else in, plus a shake or two of salt and pepper.  And, straight into the pan!  (I add a little pat of butter first – when it melts and starts to bubble, I know the pan is perfectly hot.)


My personal trick for the fluffiest eggs is to not mess with them too much. I let the bottom set before touching them at all.  Then, I follow the clock technique of gently pulling the eggs towards the center from 12 and 6, then 3 and 9…2 and 7…11 and 5…and so forth.  If you keep the heat on the lower side of low/med, the eggs won’t cook too quickly and there’s more time for the steam to do its work fluffing things up.


For any recipe that calls for reduced balsamic, I make extra and refrigerate it in a little jar.  I drizzled a bit on the eggs after they came off the stove, but also on my toast – Udi’s Millet-Chia.  It’s the best sweet/savory “jam” for “capreggse”, and super tasty when soaking up that tomato juice!  Mmm…I couldn’t move into that charming little farm stand, but it sure tastes like I’m standing right there again.


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