Big Ralph!

My ice cream addiction is no secret.  It’s definitely not a treat that I limit to summertime, but I do particularly enjoy creamy icy deliciousness on a warm and sunny day.  As a young child, I was pretty loyal to plain old chocolate in a regular (or what some call a “cake”) cone.  One summer, at a sleep away camp with particularly awful rations, I practically lived off of butter pecan and Coke floats.  Butter pecan was the only flavor in stock the first night I discovered the secret soda shop, and it was amazing!  The salty pecans and sugary ice cream are perfect in Coke.  It’s still my favorite float combo.  Later, I discovered the joys of pick-your-own-flavor blended ice creams and started adding various candies and fudge or caramel.  And, of course, I’ve passed through many phases of Ben & Jerry’s: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chubby Hubby, Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia…Phish Food!  Through all of these personal trends, though, there was one flavor that consistently hung out on the sidelines as my backup favorite: mint chip.

I think I’ve mentioned that RF is not much of a cook, but he has a few secret culinary skills.  Like, he makes a mean grilled cheese.  Well, years ago, he concocted his own version of the Big Ed, the Big Ralph.

Big Ed

If you’re not familiar, Big Ed’s Super Saucer is a plastic wrapped chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich usually found at gas station markets and convenience stores.  Two oversized chocolate chip cookies are generously stuffed with vanilla ice cream.  It’s the right kind of awful.  But RF imagined that he could put a gourmet spin on the concept.  Alas, it does not disappoint.


Big Ralphs start with the best chocolate chip cookies, Tate’s, and are filled with Talenti Mediterranean Mint gelato.  For me, we have gluten-free Tate’s, which are honestly the best gluten-free version of an original ever.  I can tell a slight difference (because, no gluten!), but they really are very similar (i.e. amazingly delicious!!)  Aside: if you like ginger, their Ginger Zinger cookies are also da bomb.  Okay, okay…back to the point.  So, you start with Tate’s.  And then, you add my favorite ice cream, which is actually gelato, Talenti.  Second aside: you should also try their salted caramel, because it’s filled with little caramel filled truffles.  What?!  Okay, okay…enough with the distractions.  RF agreed to demonstrate his Big Ralph technique:


Step 1: Select cookie and scoop ice cream.


Step 2: Gently spread ice cream on cookie.  Not too little, not too much.


Step 3: Place another cookie on top.


Step 4: Give it a light squeeze…and enjoy!

Mmm!!!  What Big Ralphs lack in size compared to Big Ed’s, they more than make up in taste.  Mediterranean Mint is the perfect accompaniment to the chocolate chip cookies.  The ice cream is creamy and cool, the mint is so refreshing, and it doubles the chocolate chips in the cookies.  Plus, it turns out that the ice cream that was such a great friend to me over the years just might be my one true love.  Much like RF!  Awwww.

People, don’t be afraid to try this at home!



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