Thursday Throw of the Dice: Headaches

I had a pretty contemplative post swirling around in my head for today, but I’ve apparently been so immersed in the process of mulling and chewing and noodling and stewing that I gave myself a massive headache!  I spent most of Tuesday night and the entire day yesterday feeling like I couldn’t stop staring at this on the inside of my eyelids:


Sorry!  I know that was cruel.  But it’s a pretty accurate representation.

Speaking of headaches, have you seen this video that’s been making the rounds?

Kamil swears that repeating and visualizing the answers to his questions, “Where is your headache?  What color is it?  What shape is it?” has the power to shrink a headache from existence.  The only problem is, I can’t get past his awful bed!  What is it with YouTube sensations and their lack of suitable filming spaces?  Where is my headache?  Right behind you!!  What color is it?  Brown.  The color of your sheets that look like they were made for a twin but have been forced over a queen and are about to spring off the mattress and smack you in the head.  What shape is it?  Wait, weren’t we here to talk about a headache?  I think I’ll just go back to staring at the optical illusions in my mind and trying not to vomit, thanks.


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