Wanderlust Wednesday: Big Sur

It’s funny, I most definitely envisioned that this first wanderlust post would be about an exotic, far-flung land.  Mauritius, maybe?  Perhaps Phuket?  There are so many places where I would love to go, it was nearly impossible to choose.  Instead, I decided to consult the greatest authority on where I would most like to travel in the world: Pinterest.

I wondered what the first places I had pinned might be.  As I scrolled down past rugged mountain peaks, pristine sands, ice domes, and underwater hotels, I landed at the most charming conclusion, Big Sur.  Ventana, to be exact.  And there was not one but two pins.  So, I couldn’t resist.

You see, RF and I got married at Ventana.  We were living in Brooklyn at the time, but with friends and family flung to the far reaches, we decided that a neutral zone where everyone had to travel made the most sense.  We had met in California, a place to which we were both mystically drawn in our childhoods.  Him for surfing, me for the general adventure.  Last stop on the wagon train kinds of places have always intrigued me.  We both adore the coast, any coast.  After mulling over a long list location options, Big Sur just felt right. We couldn’t have possibly made a better choice.

Ventana is perched along Highway 1 overlooking the mighty Pacific.  Our country’s oldest pine trees stretch upwards along the roadway, their deep forest green needles shimmying against opalescent blue skies.  Crags of rock and stone form treacherous cliffs and jut forcefully from the ocean below.  Midnight blue waters swirl and crash below eagles circling for prey. Despite this terrain that hints at a violent past, the present is nothing but peaceful.

Friends warned us it might be cold in April.  Fog has a tendency to blanket the region in a damp chill.  But the sun shone brightly on us all that day; twenty friends and family members gathered on a stone terrace with miles of coastline as our backdrop to witness and support our union.

I don’t often like to return to places I’ve visited before, simply because there are too many spots I’ve yet to see.  But, Big Sur…Ventana…this place that holds my breath and my heart is one that I will no doubt be thrilled to visit repeatedly over the years.  Best choice, indeed.


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