Tiny House Tuesday: Our Story

When RF and I moved back to Seattle five years ago, we were excited to finally buy our first house.  After many years of apartment life in L.A., NYC, and Seattle, we looked forward to spreading out a bit inside our own four (unshared!) walls.  We had no idea that the house we would end up falling for would only be 940 square feet.  Where were the extra bedrooms?  What about a second bath?  No matter your budget, house hunting is always a compromise.  For us, that meant choosing a location central to all the things we enjoy doing over bedrooms we would rarely use, and historic charm instead of another bath.  I can’t say that either one of us has any regrets.  In fact, I consider myself a convert.


Yes, we stalked our house before it was “ours”.

Sure, there are times when I wish we had a few more square feet.  Though, I honestly have no interest in cleaning or maintaining more house.  For just two adults and two cats, I am quite content with what we have.  In fact, we sometimes discuss going even smaller!  Okay, not as our primary residence.  But I would absolutely consider half as much square footage on an island with a sunset view over Puget Sound.  There’d be plenty of room on the horizon.  And, with the current popularity of tiny homes, we wouldn’t have to give up modern amenities in the process.  Check out this Forbes article that proves little can be luxe.

Would you consider small house life?  Here are a few picks currently on the market around the country…

Seattle, WA – 560 sq ft hidden gem

Decatur, GA – 994 sq ft historic cottage

Houston, TX – 996 sq ft stone accents

Chicago, IL – 1,000 sq ft coach house

Honolulu, HI – 930 sq ft with ocean views


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