Year of Months is Back!!!


After a three year (3 YEAR?!?!) haitus, Year of Months is returning to the blogosphere.  You might remember me from over at…or, you might be new to the site.  Either way, welcome!

I’ve been contemplating this return for many moons now, and finally decided that I needed to stop planning, dive straight into the deep end, paddle furiously, frantically gasp for air, likely swallow some water, and maybe even manage to swim.  Year of Months began as an adventure to more fully experience the passing of time by tackling daily tasks that challenged me to build new habits and distinguish the days that blend into months that melt into years.  I have to say, that was exhausting!!  I made some solid progress on many fronts that year – cooking at home, organizing my life, reconnecting pen to paper.  It was a great year.  But seven days a week of not only doing something new and different, but also writing about it?!  Well, it simply wasn’t sustainable – for me, anyway.  Even “professional” bloggers post on a regular work week schedule.  So, that is my new goal.

The current plan, in it’s very roughest form, is five posts each week.  (What I’ll aim for, anyway!)  I won’t single out one task to complete each month, but will start by focusing on the following daily themes:

Monday Meals – to keep that cooking challenge going!

Tiny House Tuesdays – because I’m a big believer that living small is living large.

Wanderlust Wednesdays – since I always have my eye on the next big trip.

Thursday Throw of the Dice – not to mix too many gambling metaphors, but this one’s a wild card.

Friday Finds – yep, it’s a roundup!  But it’s my favorite feature on many other blogs, so I figured I needed one too.

This morning, my barista mentioned that he was feeling accomplished because he had overslept yet still managed to get through his to-do list before work.  (Let’s not think about how early in the morning he was being productive.  I’m quite certain that I still had many more logs to saw!)  He remarked that his favorite quote is from Leonard Bernstein, “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.”  I doubt I’m alone in feeling like there’s never enough time.  Pairing that with this shell of a plan, here’s hoping I can eventually build this into my little corner of greatness.  Or, at least offer a few moderately informative and mildly entertaining moments.

Let’s face it, I’m no Leonard Bernstein!  As much as I respect his thoughts and work, I’m also a huge believer in leaving room for the unknown.  I’m definitely percolating ideas for a few different segments and features here and there, but am going to let them emerge and evolve as I go, because some of the best moments and days…even months and years…of my life have been the result of happy accidents!  But more on that as we go along.


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